Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maybe this will give her senate campaign the bump it's been needing.

Stormy Daniels Arrested for Domestic Violence: News Station

I hear from WWL that she didn't like the way her husband was doing the laundry.

Good grief!

Stormy Daniels' Political Advisor May Have Been Hit By Car Bomb: Reports
Porn star Stormy Daniels' potential senatorial campaign was rocked yesterday by an explosion that blew up her political advisor's car in New Orleans, according to local news reports.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

MSNBC nails Jindal as "phoney stimulus elf."

Countdown:Stimulus is Jindal’s secret source

Jindal called the stimulus plan a failure, and tried to stop it. But "big fat checks" to local officials are funded in large part by stimulus money. In a word, hypocrisy. No local papers gave any credit for the checks to Obama's stimulus plan. (What about that, Advertiser? Advocate? Town Talk?)

Chris Hayes: "It's smart politics. He gets the best of both worlds. . . . Nobody ever shot Santa Claus."

Next time some idiot politician says we shouldn't give money to Louisiana because of its corrpution, show them this.

There's also the allegation that they were selling human body parts -- no joke.

Mayors, rabbis arrested in corruption probe -

Among those arrested in the public corruption portion of the investigation are Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano III, Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell, New Jersey Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt and Leona Beldini, a Jersey City deputy mayor.

Several rabbis in New York and New Jersey also were arrested in connection with the money-laundering portion of the investigation.

Jim Tucker continues to diss higher ed.

Somehow, those most familiar with the workings of higher education in Louisiana, those with the most experience and expertise, those who have worked in actual classrooms, are not trusted because they have "vested interests."  Now we know. | News | Compromise puts college systems on Tucker panel — Baton Rouge, LA
Tucker, R-Terrytown, said he did not want any of the college systems to have voting members because they would have “vested interests.”

“I think it would violate the independence of the commission,” Tucker said.

Actually, it will make it herder for Tucker to run his con.

Clausen: Tucker has won, batten down the hatches.

It looks like Tucker, who has expressed his contempt for higher education, is in the driver's seat now.  Colleges and universities in the state will prepare themselves for the onslaught if they have any sense.  Clausen's acceptance of "a complete overhaul" of higher ed, is an admission of defeat. | Opinion | Letter: La. may need academic revamp — Baton Rouge, LA
The most feasible and efficient result, considering the totality of the circumstances, may require a complete overhaul of our academic system.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Raymond Blanco tells it like it is.

The Independent - House speaker doesn’t get it
I understand the need for cuts given the current budget forecasts, but it was Speaker Tucker’s angry tirade against the state’s colleges and universities that revealed how little respect our purported leaders hold for higher education in Louisiana, and how little understanding they have for the critical need to properly invest in higher education. In his fury, he made all sorts of negative accusations, but basically declared higher education to be dysfunctional.

Blanco has seldom aired his political opinions in public, preferring to stay in the background. But I suppose he has just decided that enough is enough. The governor and his people seem determined to create a crisis in higher education, possibly as a preliminary to a power grab. And it was about time someone called them on it. Kudos to Blanco for coming out with this -- it's not likely to make him many friends.