Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Katrina's dead. A sad and gruesome story.

Recovery mission still on for Katrina's dead - International Herald Tribune:
"When August Blanchard returned to New Orleans from Pennsylvania in late December, his mother was still missing. Family members, scattered across the country, had been calling hospitals, the Red Cross and missing persons hot lines, hoping she had been rescued.
But Blanchard, 26, had a bad feeling. Twice, he drove past the pale green house on Reynes Street in the Lower Ninth Ward, where he and his mother, Charlene Blanchard, 45, had lived, yet he could not bring himself to enter.

It was not until Feb. 25 that one of Blanchard's uncles nudged the front door open with his foot and spied Blanchard's hand."

Thanks to carla for pointing this article out.

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