Saturday, August 12, 2006

THIRD BATTLE: Very little of N.O. is "10 feet below sea level"

In fact, almost half of N.O. is above sea level.

THE THIRD BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS: If You Tell a Lie Big Enough and Keep Repeating It, People Will Eventually Come to Believe It PART 2: Utah Senator Bob Bennett: "
Three weeks ago Utah Senator Bob Bennett, who has yet to visit New Orleans or the any of the Gulf Coast post-KTMB, made the following public statement concerning the rebuilding of the city:

'Building a city ten feet below sea level does not strike me as inherently, basically a good idea ... '

THE LIE: New Orleans is a city situated ten feet below sea level.

THE TRUTH: The City of New Orleans is not 'built' ten feet below sea level."
This is a great post. I'm sorry I missed it when it first appeared.

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Love said...

Where does it sit in relation to sea level?