Friday, November 17, 2006

Lafayette judge, councilman vie to see who can act more childishly. | News | Williams attacks sentence:
"LAFAYETTE — In the past two years, 18 people have been sentenced by 15th Judicial District judges for criminal damage to property, but none received as harsh a punishment as City-Parish Councilman Chris Williams, Williams’ attorney said Thursday.

Earlier this year, Williams, in an act of protest, wrote “Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Drive!” on the council desk with permanent marker. He was also charged with past instances of carving the desk and doodling where he sits.

Williams was sentenced by Judge Marilyn Castle to one year of supervised probation, a $1,500 fine and $60 restitution."

This is a truly stupid bit of business, originating over the question of whether to rename Willow St. after Martin Luther King, Jr. It's an issue which has unfortunately brought to the surface some ugly racist sentiments -- from both proponents and opponents of the idea.

The renaming is a good idea, in my opinion. Too bad Lafayette has to put up with some boneheads in public office.

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