Thursday, January 11, 2007

An Email from RM

I got this today from one of my frequent correspondents who lives in Europe.
I figure they have stopped reducing memos to writing in the WH, so they have a version of kindergarten "show and tell" in the oval office where they each "say" their ideas, and about a week ago, Karl Rove said . . .

"Hey, way I figure is the media can only cover so many things at once, and they have the worst time with places than cannot spell or pronounce. Heck, I'm not sure about Somalia and nobody can spell or pronouce Mogadishu. Sooooo, let's go blow that place up. Tell 'em we're after al Queda, speaking of things no one can spell or pronounce. Get their eye off of Iraq a bit."

Second speaker (a wimp not long for the big leagues), "But we'd then be on the side of the guys who knocked Blackhawk down and brutally murdered our troops."

Cheney, seated in the Boss' chair, chewing on one of his pens, "That was Clinton's fault. Do it! Get some boats with guns and blow the place up. Say we are killing terrorists. Make sure we say we're killing no civilians."

Second speaker, "How do you know if you are killing civilians when you are at sea?"

"You think any reporter is going onshore to look around? Just do it." Cheney said.

Second speaker, "Shouldn't we ask the president?"

Rove shrugs, "He's busy with his ranch architect, looking at barn plans. No worries. He sure can't pronounce those places or find them on a map anyway. Do it!"

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