Saturday, February 24, 2007

More insurance rip-offs.

So after being back in her house for 15 months, Halvorsen was surprised to receive a notice from Allstate Insurance Co. around Christmas informing her that her insurance policy was slated to be canceled because the house was abandoned and in disrepair.

"I have a gardener that comes every two weeks. How could they think this house is abandoned?" asked Halvorsen, an organizer of the Krewe of St. Anne parade on Mardi Gras. "I've even got garbage cans in front of my house."

Halvorsen is one of scores of local Allstate customers who contend that their homeowners insurance coverage is being improperly dropped at the conclusion of a temporary state rule that has kept insurance policies in place since the storm.

Well, if the Bush administration can completely ignore reality, I guess it's OK now for insurance companies to do so as well.

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