Saturday, April 21, 2007

NY Times goes after Bush inaction on N.O. recovery

President Bush has reneged on his promises to Katrina’s victims. Shamefully, the president has chosen the interests of bureaucracy over those of American towns on the brink of failure.

Over a year and a half later, there are 64,000 people still sleeping in trailers in Louisiana and far too many communities without schools, hospitals and other basics. These are unacceptable failures. At least part of the problem is a law that requires states to contribute 10 percent of the cost of most federally financed reconstruction projects. Mr. Bush waived that requirement after the Sept. 11 attacks (as his father did after Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki) but he refuses to do so for the Gulf Coast.
The Times has been very supportive of New Orleans recovery from the very beginning. But look at the comment on the WWL Blog about the editorial. What the hell does "defamate" mean? Sounds like "misunderestimate." That guy is taking vocabulary lessons from Bush.

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