Sunday, September 02, 2007

The corruption lie.

But as the article points out, most of the corruption has been at the federal level.

Presidential candidate: Time to stop funding post-Katrina recovery | News for New Orleans, Louisiana | Local News | News for New Orleans, Louisiana |
Citing a Government Accountability Office report, Tancredo said potentially more than $1 billion in taxpayer money has been "squandered through waste, fraud and abuse."

"This whole fiasco has been a perfect storm of corruption and incompetence at all levels" Tancredo said. "It's time the taxpayer gravy train left the New Orleans station." Tancredo said he had earlier warned that Louisiana officials could not be trusted with federal money. "State and local
officials have been shirking their responsibilities and taking
advantage of taxpayers since before Day One," he said. "Throwing more
money at this debacle will do nothing but perpetuate more of the same."

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