Thursday, January 24, 2008

No you can't replace that doctor. Just double up.

An extraordinarily thoughtful way to begin running state government-- just let the state agencies starve. Every single hire, must now be approved in the governor's office. Including replacement faculty at state universities, doctors at state hospitals, and janitors. More paperwork, more delay. Is this really necessary? Do we not have any confidence at all in anyone in state government?

State agencies feel chill from Jindal’s hiring freeze — Baton Rouge, LA
State agencies feel chill from Jindal’s hiring freeze

Order creates pinch; exemptions sought

State agencies from health care to higher education are seeking relief from Gov. Bobby Jindal’s employee hiring freeze.

“It’s a serious issue for us,” said Fred Cerise, who as vice president for the LSU System’s health care and medical education is over the state’s charity hospitals.

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