Sunday, February 10, 2008

NYT finally notices giant Texas boondoggle. It's about time.

Proposal in Texas for a Public-Private Toll Road System Raises an Outcry - New York Times
Texans have gotten the message, swamping hearings and town meetings across the state to grill and often excoriate agency officials about a colossal traffic makeover known as the Trans-Texas Corridor, a public-private partnership unrivaled in the state’s — or probably any state’s — history, that would stretch well into the century and, if completed in full, end up costing around $200 billion.

The effects of this incredible plan will be to slice Texas up into segments, cut minor roads and highways into pieces, force travelers to eat, sleep and rest at privately owned monopolies, destroy farmland by the millions of acres, turn the whole transportation system over to private enterprise, and shift cargoes from California to Mexico. And it's coming to a state near you. In fact, it's coming to your state. There's a national plan to ship cargo from ports on the west coast of Mexico, through Texas to St. Louis, where a massive customs facility will inspect and approve cargo. Most of it will be carried by trucks using Mexican drivers -- a neat trick to destroy the Teamsters Union and the Longshoreman's Unions at the same time. This has been in the works for years, but this is the first time a national outlet has seen fit to take notice. Rural Texans, of course, have been trying to draw attention to this for years, too, but no one seems very interested. Has anyone asked any of the candidates their positions on the project?

Forget the UN, we're all going to be ruled by NAFTA ----

P.S. Check where Crawford is in relation to the Texas master plan for the full Trans-Texas Corridor. Yep. George is bound to get a piece of this.


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Rent Party said...

This has been going around the Internet for a year or so but I am told it is an urban legend. Do you have info re this?

Good job on hiring freeze - keep on blogging!

A.F. said...

I think we are all ruled by NAFTA. There was the horrifying exposure of NAFTA Chapter 11 over five years ago, and I haven't heard much about Chapter 11 since. But it states (this is not conspiracy theory or urban legend) that any judicial decision against a corporation can be nullified if a corporation can prove that the decision hinders its profits. Much better stated here: