Saturday, April 26, 2008

Except McCain can't remember what he said here.

And Bush probably doesn't either. Jindal: McCain, Bush visits give La. a forum

Remind me. Whose birthday were they celebrating in Phoenix the day Katrina hit?


Anonymous said...

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A.F. said...

Thanks for posting this reminder of unbelievable hypocrisy/lying.

If MSM is right that McCain's vp shortlist is Florida governor Crist, our dear Bobby Jindal, or Mitt Romney, then there is actually a good chance that Jindal is it. As I see it, Crist isn't really needed bc FL is McCain territory, I cannot imagine Mitt Romney being an asset to any campaign, and so Jindal (with all his anti-poor budget slashing "reform") may be just it. And he'd deliver Louisiana (I know not that big of a prize in electoral votes) to McCain. But just his doing that, whether they won or not, would just be such an outrage that I cannot even imagine it. If they won, at least we'd get Landrieu as governor, but still. If they lost, Jindal would return with so many new connections and ideas to unleash on us. Sheesh.

Anyway, just had to use this forum to borrow trouble :)

Valérie said...

I am sorry to intrude but my excuse is that I search every possible avenue to find someone with the name of "Romeo" and was such a nice man for years on the blog I frequent but he vanished.

I try every blog that I find that is open-minded because it is the way he was, hoping to find him.

If you hear of him, please let me known.

Sorry of my poor English.