Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Best political coverage? Jon Stewart as usual.

The best political coverage of the convention was on the Daily Show with John Stewart. In a segment with John Oliver called "Healing Clinton Supporters," Oliver asked a panel of very disgruntled Hillary Supporters, with blogs like "Democrats for McCain," why they were so upset. They whined that they were accused of racism for not supporting Obama. Then (and there might have been some sneaky editing here) they all agreed that Obama's campaign had been sexist. Wow! Psychological Projection caught red handed.

Later on CNN Susanne Malveaux gave a crybaby Democrat at least ten minutes to snivel about how Hillary was "Presidential" and had "experience," and we had lost an opportunity, and she wasn't sure she could vote for Obama. Malveaux apparently sought out the only person in the hall who had missed Clinton's speech, when she said, essentially, "Don't vote for me, vote for the cause."

Hillary's right-- a vote for Obama is a vote to end the war, to fight for health care, to raise the minimum wage, to keep the Supreme Court from becoming totally crazy right-wing.

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