Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Good news -- I'd like to see pictures.

Floodgates remain closed, pumps are working - Hurricane Gustav News and Storm Tracking - NOLA.com

It was the maiden run for massive flood gates and temporary stations the Army Corps of Engineers built after Hurricane Katrina breached floodwalls on both canals and caused catastrophic flooding.

At 17th Street, along the border of New Orleans and East Jefferson, the temporary corps pump stations are continuing this morning to help the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board drain the canal of rainwater.

At London Avenue, the gates are still closed, but the corps pumps are no longer running because there's no excess water in the canal, said Col. Jeff Bedey, the corps Hurricane Protection Office chief who had responsibility for building the stations and gates on all three outfall canals, including the Orleans Avenue Canal.

"The pumps ran all night long," Bedey said Tuesday morning. "But the lake is still at 4 (feet), so the structures remain in place."

Col. Al Lee, corps district chief in New Orleans with responsibility for operating the gates and pumps, told his bosses that the emergency structures functioned at a high level.

"All the pumps worked. All the gates locked in place. All of it worked," Lee said.

Good news, but this was a comparatively mild storm, will they be enough next time?

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