Friday, May 18, 2007

Challenge the presidential contenders to present their N. O. plans.

We now have Clinton and Edwards on the record about their plans for New Orleans' recovery. It's time to get Obama, Richardson, Giuliani, McCain, and all the rest of the presidential field to be specific about their plans. New Orleans needs to be one of the premier campaign issues. How will each candidate work for the restoration of one of America's great cities.

Clinton wants to rebuild Charity, create a jobs program, and provide Cat 5 protection.

You can find some information on Democratic candidates' stances here. Does anyone have a list of comprehensive statements on New Orleans by presidential candidates of both parties?

Update: Better link to Wayward Episcopalian

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Nathan S. Empsall said...

Thanks for the link to my blogs on the candidates. A better link to use would be which is nothing but candidates. Thanks!