Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cheney implicated in hookergate?

Professor Zero and I are apparently on the same wavelength today. I find that he has a nice post on the possibility, surfaced by Wayne Madsen, that Dick Cheney may have been one of the D.C. Madam's clients. I wanted to blog on this, but he was there first.
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Link: The Madsen article. See post for May 13-14, 2007. (Correction, that should be May 10, 2007. Scroll down to May 8, too.)

Madsen says he has three different sources for this, but he has been wrong before.
I had confirmation, though, from a friend in Washington that the story is being talked about everywhere in D.C., and they're just waiting to see which major news organization will break it first. Since ABC now has all the records, it would seem logical that they would file it, but we know how reluctant the major networks are to offend the powers and principalities.

I wonder how the holy rollers in the Republican party will spin this. I predict the following: "Don't you know the man has a heart condition?"- "Have some sympathy for his wife and daughters." "He's just getting massages." "After all, he's a red-blooded patriotic American, not a pansy like you liberals." "It's Clinton's fault, he did it first!!!"

Update: Mea culpa! Apparently Professor Zero is a woman, not a "he." My male chauvinism is showing.

Update and correction: This story is all over the internet. A google search for "Cheney DC Madam" brings up 639,000 entries, though I was not able to find any that were not borrowing from Madsen. -- I misspelled Madsen's name throughout -- it's not Madsden. I have corrected it above.

Wow! Update: This DC Madam scandal is evidently spreading pretty far, involving the Cunningham case, a Maryland prosecutor, and perhaps this woman.

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Maybe he'll try to pull a Swaggart and seek kudos for repentance?