Friday, October 24, 2008

Jindal's opportunity if McCain loses.

Jindal Makes a Political Power Play - The Fix
Make no mistake: If John McCain goes down to defeat in 13 days time and Republicans in the House and the Senate face significant setbacks as well, there will be a real desire from the grassroots of the Republican party for fresh faces on the national scene.

Jindal -- a young (he's 37), conservative Indian American governor -- is almost certain to feature prominently in that conversation. And, as much as his political team pooh poohs the idea that he would be interested in national office in four years' time, consider these two things: he has already gotten a taste of the national limelight by his consideration in the veepstakes and his handling of Hurricane Gustav, AND he is visiting Iowa next month. (As we have written before, politicians NEVER -- we can't stress this enough -- go to Iowa accidentally. They know exactly what a trip to Iowa means.

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