Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vitter and the Tea-baggers.

The GOP's Sex Scandal Dodge - Page 1 - The Daily Beast
Many of those attending Vitter’s town halls have been shepherded to the events by local chapters of, a supposedly grassroots network of national activists that happens to “partner” with the health-care and insurance industry-funded lobbying firm Freedom Works, which has directed angry mobs to Democratic events. At a town-hall meeting on August 10 in Jefferson Parish, many local constituents were reportedly turned away while Tea Party activists were allowed to enter. When the event concluded, Vitter rushed out of the back door and away from the press and his constituents, guarded by a phalanx of police officers.

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Anonymous said...

What I find most surprising is that this man has the audacity/brazenness to just sit there and continue doing what he's doing in the face of what he's been found to have done.

Shameless asshole.

Our society is designed to protect people like this?