Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Louisianan shoots state, self in foot. Asks feds to cut off aid.

Idiocy. This woman lives in New Orleans, and she's asking the feds to stop giving recovery aid. The partisan intent of her post is made clear by the title of her blog "Dummocrats." She'd like to wait until we get a Republican slate of officers in Louisiana before letting the aid come in. In other words, if you don't vote Republican, you won't get any money for recovery. A clever plan. Elsewhere, they would call it blackmail.

Dummocrats: Stop Funding the New Orleans Katrina Recovery - for now at least.
Louisiana politicians cannot be trusted with your money. Don't let them have it. Contact your congressional leadership today, and ask them to turn off the tap for Katrina funding for Louisiana until our politicians are replaced or accept a great deal more supervision in their spending. I posted about this in my personal blog in November,

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bayoustjohndavid said...

I think that if most Americans knew that the Corps of Engineers bore at least some of the responsibility for the levee failures and if they knew the extent to which La. was shafted on offshore oil and gas revenues, they would agree that the federal government owes (a court might not agree legally, most citizens would agree ethically) the state a lot more than it's delivered so far.

Have you ever had anyone who owed you money say you'd just blow it on something if I paid you back? That's what that idiot (and the national GOP) sound like.