Thursday, January 05, 2006

NYTimes on Richard Baker's buyout plan.

The Times seems surprised to hear good sense coming from a conservative Republican. It seems like the political stars are just about right for this. But there are lots of obstacles to the passage of Baker's ambitious buyout plan for destroyed homes and businesses.

New York Times
To succeed, the proposal will eventually require the support of the White House. And the signals, according to this staunch Republican who boasts of near-perfect rankings from conservative groups, have been distinctly mixed.

UPDATE: Bayou Buzz has commentary on the NYT article. It pretty much boils down to this message ro the federal government, "As President Bush has told the terrorist, you break it, you pay for it."
UPDATE P.S.: Um, actually it was Colin Powell who articulated the now famous Pottery Barn Rule: "You broke it, you own it."

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