Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Axe me what I love about New Orleans.

This is the best. I just wish I had written it. (via Harry Shearer at Huffington Post)

The muddy middle ground:
"I love Mid-City. I've always loved tooling around there. It has its own vibe and languorous pace and never seemed to be in sync with society's inexorable march to revolutions in retail, food service, upholstery, auto repair and flooring.

You could still buy remnants in Mid-City. You could still get your car fixed by a mechanic named Sal.

Mid-City has its own alluring architecture -- some Creolized version of the antiquated American cottage -- and I've always felt that if I were transported blind-folded to the neighborhood and then was asked to divine where I was, I would look around and maybe smell the air and think: We're near Liuzza's."

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