Friday, March 24, 2006

Vicious email circulating

I just got an email, alleging to come from someone from Salt Lake City Utah, accusing N.O refugees there of all sorts of crimes and atrocious behavoior. I immediately wrote to ask my friend to tell her source that the email was false, but I'm sure it's circulating widely on the internet. It's a slanderous piece that ends

"Poverty is not an excuse to behave like animals. The rest of the Gulf
Coast did not have problems like this! Difficult situations are not an
excuse to loot your neighbor 24 hours before the storm even hits.

I have always said New Orleans was a toilet! Now everyone has proof
that not only was it a toilet, but a toilet long overdue for a flush.

(Unfortunately it got flushed on the rest of the country)"

I don't know where this racist piece of trash came from-- is there any way to track it down to it's source, or at least discredit it widely? It's pretty sickening.

Let me know if you have seen it.

UPDATE: You can find the original email here

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