Friday, March 17, 2006

"We Don't Care if You Drown"

"We Don't Care if You Drown":
"Yesterday freshman Democrat Charlie Melancon, who represents St. Bernard's, Plaquemines and the parishes southwest of New Orleans, offered an amendment to the emergency supplemental that would have restored $260 million for levee funding the President had requested but the Congressional Republicans slashed from the bill. 'The people of southern Louisiana need the levees to protect them,' Melancon said. 'We are in an emergency situation.'

The Republicans don't care that the levees are so compromised that even a minor hurricane hitting southern Louisiana could flood the entire region. They voted down Melancon's amendment, with even two Louisiana Republicans--Jim McCreary and turncoat coward Rodney Alexander--joining the Republican majority in screwing over their home state."

To Charlie Melancon, many thanks.

To McCreary and Alexander ---Watch your backs. We won't forget this fall.

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oyster said...

Unbelievable. Especially for McCrery and Alexander.

Damn skippy that won't be forgotten.