Sunday, August 26, 2007

Can there be any doubt that Nagin is a. crazy, and b. a closet republican?

This is an absolute MUST read.

Ex-Nagin aide pens tell-all Katrina book -
Later, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, a federal recovery official named by Bush, and Nagin have a public tiff about when New Orleanians should be allowed back into town. Nagin tells Forman that Blanco and Allen "are in this together."

Elsewhere in the book, the mayor indulges conspiracy theories. He becomes convinced, for instance, that Jefferson Parish officials closed a drainage canal in Hoey's Basin "to protect Jefferson Parish at the expense of New Orleans."

Nagin sends pictures to Ed Bradley of "60 Minutes," who never responded, according to Forman.

A month after the storm, the Rev. Louis Farrakhan claimed Nagin told him the levees had been blown up, citing "a 25-foot crater" under the breach the mayor had supposedly seen.

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