Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kos thinks the Dem attack onJindal is OK. Updated.

Finally looked at the adon Jindal's religious views, which is somewhat less obnoxious than I thought it would be. Kos makes an interesting point -- that the magazine that published the articles in the first place is preventing most people from reading them to find out exactly what Jindal said. If the state Dems are twisting his words, it would be a good idea for Jindal to release the articles so people can see for themselves just what his religious ideas are.

Daily Kos: LA-Gov: Jindal (R) accused of being anti-Protestant
That fundamentalist Catholic publication is doing everything they can to protect Jindal by removing copies of it from the web (almost nobody will pay for those articles). So Jindal can deny he wrote those things, while making it hard for people to verify for themselves.
This post, on Daily Kos, does what the Dems should have done on their website. It takes Jindal's article seriously, and at face value. Jindal is arguing the orthodox Catholic line, and he does indeed assert the supremacy of the Catholic church over all other Christian denominations. Yes, it is anti-protestant. And I suppose that his supporters among the evangelicals should know about it.

Find the original article"How Catholicism Is Different - THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ISN'T JUST ANOTHER "DENOMINATION" here. (Kos has most, if not all of the article in his point-by-point summary.)

Kos quotes Jindal and provides a brief, if accurate summary:

"Christ founded the Church and vested her with unique authority. The apostles, the very men who wrote much of the New Testament, were the Church's first bishops, and they appointed successors. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church traces its lineage directly to the apostles, and, thus, the Church claims to be the one Jesus founded."
"Summary: Jesus was a Catholic, not a protestant."

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