Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm not sure I like this tactic

Apparently the state Democratic party has begun attacking Jindal for articles he wrote praising Catholicism and downgrading protestants. It's an interesting article, but it makes me queasy. I just don't like religion used in any way in politica campaigns. I hope the state Dems rethink their tactics.

The Rothenberg Political Report: Louisiana Governor: Backlash Anyone?

In one of the hardest hitting – Republicans will undoubtedly say “dirtiest” – television ads aired in history, the Louisiana Democratic Party is accusing Rep. Bobby Jindal of being anti-Protestant.

A taste of what this is all about is on this site.

What do you think?
UPDATE: I've had a chance to read the articles in the links. They reveal a pretty orthodox version of Catholicism, with its emphasis on salvation, reason, and history. In addition, Jindal urges Catholics to proselytize and convert others. I disagree with his theology, and anyone who wants to vote based on those criteria is welcome to do so.

I was not planning to vote for him to begin with, since he seems to represent a fairly ruthless segment of Louisiana's big business community which would rather spend money on highway construction than on education. His reference to the unfortunate trend to "political correctness" in universities tells me that he may be a policy wonk, but sloganeering like that says that he doesn't think for himself. As an academic, I can attest that no such animal as "political correctness" exists in Louisiana's universities.

But I still don't think that it is good policy or politics to make religion a part of political campaigning.

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mark c. said...

he is a public figure, who has written public articles with strong opinions. he legislates based on his morality. he is attempting to strengthen his base through religion and Christianity.

When bobby makes his faith a public offering, integrating it into his politics, we certainly should review and critique it. He can't have it both ways...