Thursday, June 11, 2009

GOP senator: Governor using taxpayer money to attack higher ed advocates. | News | Senator: ‘Ledger’ blog use illegal — Baton Rouge, LA
A Republican state senator Wednesday accused the Jindal administration of advocating the governor’s agenda on a political Internet blog paid for taxpayers.

“It is a Web site for the purpose of pushing and implementing Gov. Bobby Jindal’s policies. That’s not legal,” said state Sen. Robert Adley, of Benton. “It’s against the law to use taxpayer money to further a proposal or proposition.”

Adley said the administration is using the blog, called “The Ledger,” to defend Jindal’s proposed budget cuts.

Adley said the blog, which is part of Jindal’s Division of Administration Web site, presents false information and editorially attacks higher education advocates and the Council for A Better Louisiana, which have been vocal against college cuts.
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“My question to the division is who are you going to send to jail?” Adley asked. “You broke the law.”

The Advertiser has lots more detail.

And here's the Ledger's weaselly reply
It’s true, of course, that the previous post employed a rhetorical device – analogy, or, more precisely, allusion – but did so simply as a way to draw attention, in a more easily accessible and understandable manner, to a set of facts that seems to have been lost in the discussion over higher education funding, in a way that a dizzying set of facts often is.
No harm, it was just an allusion. Neat. He can call opponents "angry" and imply that they are greedy, but it's just a figure of speech paid for by you, the taxpayer. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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