Thursday, June 11, 2009

Listen to your elders, Bobby. | News | Former governors meet with Jindal — Baton Rouge, LA
Four former Louisiana governors held a private meeting Thursday with Gov. Bobby Jindal, urging him to find a way to lessen planned budget cuts for the state's public colleges in a rare display of advice-giving from the people who once held Jindal's job.

The unusual meeting involved Dave Treen, Buddy Roemer, Mike Foster and Kathleen Blanco - all Louisiana's living ex-governors except the jailed Edwin Edwards.

"I hope we can convince the governor to take some steps to lower the disastrous impact of the higher education cuts," said Treen, a Republican who served as governor more than 20 years ago.

Roemer said he was responsible for organizing the meeting. Foster said the former governors were concerned the level of higher education cuts under discussion at the Capitol could be damaging to campuses.

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