Thursday, June 25, 2009

We still don't know. But there may be a larger purpose in view by the administration. | News | Higher ed fund cuts still unclear — Baton Rouge, LA
Officials from the state’s top college oversight board, the state Board of Regents, are predicting 15 percent budget cuts of state funding for colleges could be reduced by at least $70 million to $80 million if the House and Senate can resolve some of their differences. But many questions remain.

“We thought we’d have a better idea of where we stand,” said Donnie Vandal, Regents deputy commissioner for finance. “There’s lots of ways things can get muddied and unclear.”
. . . . . . . .
Gov. Bobby Jindal and the House managed to blockade Senate plans to delay state income tax breaks to generate $118 million in extra dollars for colleges.

How does the well-educated Governor Bobby Jindal plan to reform the state with destructive cuts to higher ed? If these cuts stand, expect the closing of at least one college or university and several large programs at other universities within the next three years.

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