Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Watered down levee board bill

WWLTV.com | News for New Orleans, Louisiana | Local News
Following what appears to be the end of Walter Boasso’s bill to combine southeast Louisiana’s levee boards into a single board, some lawmakers are proposing a compromise that they hope combines the single approach idea while leaving local autonomy in place. Senator Butch Gautreaux is proposing to have all of the local boards form a consortium that would come up with a unified hurricane protection plan to present to the federal government. At the same time local levee boards would still exist and have control over projects in their respective areas.
Now that they've killed real levee board reform, we get this silly "compromise" that lets the NO levee board continue it's high-rolling ways, complete with golf courses, its own police force and its own airport. C.B. Forgotston may be right. --- quit wasting money and send them all home. Let 'em face the voters.

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