Thursday, February 23, 2006

White House finally makes serious move to improve hurricane response

Lets see if they can follow through. (I have serious doubts.)

White House Katrina report highlights

Generally the recommendations call for streamlining, better communication, better coordination, better use of federal resources. Includes a hurricane education program for schools.

Complete report here.

This is how the AP led the story:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House cited failures by the Homeland Security Department and other agencies in planning, communications and leadership in a report on Hurricane Katrina Thursday and proposed a broad reworking of how the government would respond to the next catastrophe.

The 228-page report by White House homeland security adviser Frances Fragos Townsend urges changes in 11 key areas - mainly in better disaster relief coordination among federal agencies - before the next hurricane season begins June 1. The White House study took a softer approach than a scathing House report issued last week, focusing on proposals to fix problems without singling out any individuals for blame.

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