Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crouere: Limbaugh loves Jindal for VP

Louisiana Bobby Jindal Looms Closer To Team McCain
After noted political columnist Robert Novak reported that McCain would make his VP selection this week, it was learned that the Arizona Senator will visit Louisiana tomorrow to meet with Governor Jindal. It could be a ploy to distract the media from the Obama overseas visit, but more likely it seems to indicate the Arizona Senator’s continuing fascination with Bobby Jindal.

It is clear that there is a bond between John McCain and Bobby Jindal. They seem to have a close personal relationship. McCain personally likes Jindal and is very comfortable with the Governor. All VP selection lists now include Jindal is at the top of the Vice President list. MSNBC is reporting that Jindal has already been vetted by the McCain campaign.

Here is why Jindal is such an interesting choice. Jindal has assets that McCain likes. Namely, he is young, bright and is the darling of the conservative wing of the party. Just ask Rush Limbaugh, Bill Kristol or Newt Gingrich who McCain should choose and they will all respond in unison, Bobby Jindal. All of them credit Jindal will a very impressive star to his term as Governor and point to his potential as a rising star in the conservative movement.

OOOOWEEEE! Yes, Jindal for VP. Mitch Landrieu for governor.

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boathead said...

That would make losing the Mayors race Mitch's greatest political move of his life!

Let's hope that the Old Metarie folks that forced in Nagin for a second term do not somehow sabotage Jindal for fear of Landrieu.