Friday, July 25, 2008

Good question --Louisiana's Treasurer Kennedy and Senator Vitter campaigning together?

RealClearPolitics - The Scorecard
Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy, widely seen as the best Republican hope to beat an incumbent Democratic Senator this year, used a tried and true tactic yesterday when asked about opponent Mary Landrieu's impending fundraiser with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Kennedy associated his opponent with the Big Apple chief's more liberal philosophies on the Second Amendment and on social issues.

Still, questioning Landrieu's association with Bloomberg raises an immediate question for Kennedy: If he's a conservative on social issues, will he accept the public assistance of Republican Senator David Vitter?

Asked if he would campaign with Vitter during a conference call yesterday, Kennedy didn't answer directly. "David hasn't offered, and so far I haven't asked," he said. "I don't have plans right now to campaign with anybody." Still, Kennedy said the junior senator had erred. "Senator Vitter made a very serious mistake, and I think he would be the first person to admit that. And David is still paying the price."

What price is that, I wonder.

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