Saturday, February 07, 2009

Internet, hollywood, music cause deterioration of culture says Jindal.

Jindal: We must stop the decline of U.S. culture - Local & State - News & Observer
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a potential GOP presidential candidate, called Wednesday night for an effort to reverse the coarsening of American culture.

In a dinner speech, Jindal said the U.S. must do more to restore its core cultural values, which he said had been under assault by television, Hollywood, the Internet, music, the arts and even cell phones.

"For all the advances in our society ... in many ways our culture in recent years has been in a state of deterioration, not improvement," Jindal told about 475 people at a packed dinner held by the John Locke Foundation, a Raleigh-based conservative think tank.

CELL PHONES????? CELL PHONES are the cause of the so-called deterioration of our culture???!!! Can there be any doubt that this Rebublican is running for president.  He would really do well as Sarah Palin's VP.

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Fleur de Leigh said...

Bobby Jindal thinks like the Taliban.