Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When Crouere gets after Jindal, you know he's got trouble.

Some choice words for the Governor.

Finally, someone is beginning to point out that this emperor has no clothes. But, please, Jeff, go back and look at Bobby's previous record.  He has always been running for something, and never sitting still to do his job.

Jumping Jindal: Hops, Skips From Louisiana
Blanco was a stay at home mom compared to our current Governor. Bobby Jindal is a whirlwind of travel plans, a dream come true for his travel agent.
. . . . . .

He is constantly traveling, promoting the great job he is doing, while at the same time, positioning himself for a possible run for President.
. . . . . . .

. . . . . .
Governor Jindal, what about worrying more about fixing the state before fixing the nation and the world?. . . For one, the state could be facing a budget deficit of $2 billion next year. In a budget that has tripled in the last 12 years, there are plenty of areas to cut, but hard decisions need to be made and it will take leadership to follow through on these difficult decisions.

The last time I checked, our healthcare, education, and infrastructure ratings were at the bottom of the list. In a recent ranking, Louisiana led the nation in outward migration, being one of only two states to show a net decline in population. . . . Our eroding coastline has not been repaired and the flood protection upgrades are still not completed to protect our citizens from a hurricane catastrophe.
. . . .

Governor Jindal likes to accept invitations from out of state groups, but is not so willing to accept local invitations. In fact, a Northshore GOP group, the largest in the area, tried for weeks to schedule Governor Jindal for their Lincoln/Reagan Banquet. His staff said he was unavailable, yet he found time to speak at a similar banquet in Arkansas.

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