Friday, February 06, 2009

Jindal misdirects attention from real problems.

Louisiana Governor Jindal On Sex Offender Campaign Trail Again
So, based upon his agenda and visits to different cities and towns, the most urgent issue facing Louisiana today appears to be these sex offenders who are preying on our kids.

Never mind that we have a chance to lose the biggest economic plum in Louisiana, the Nucor pig iron plant. Forget about the fact that Nucor needs something to grow the world economy or else they might have to rethink their plans about building their facility.

Forget about all of our other needs such as hurricane protection, education, the budget, Louisiana rebuild from prior storms.

The Governor, fresh from some fundraising in North Carolina is back on the campaign trail, this time seeking more support to subvert the perverts.

Look! Over there!! Something shiny!!! OOOOOOHHH!!!!


Anonymous said...

No offense but keeping track of sexual offenders is important -- you're a middle class white male, I don't expect you to understand. Yes, there are many issues the governor must address. However, hopefully, Jindal can deal with all issues pertinent to LA residents.

Joseph said...

I do understand, and find it pretty insulting that you would stereotype me as "a middle-class white male." I was molested as a child, and I know very well what damage sex offenses do. If you want I can bend your ear for hours about it. But go look at the actual contents of the governor's proposals. It's tweaking around the edges. There already are strong laws tracking sex offenders in Louisiana.

As for what Jindal is doing -- well, he's asked for higher ed to submit budgets with cuts to 15 to 20 percent. That would gut higher ed in Louisiana for a generation. LSU says it will have to cut 2000 jobs. ULL is planning to cut whole colleges. Where is Jindal talking about that?

No offence? And in the next sentence you stereotype someone. Get lost, Mr./Ms. Anonymous.