Saturday, February 07, 2009

Jindal and higher ed II. Ideology trumps reason. | Opinion | Looming cuts send a bad message — Baton Rouge, LA
Unfortunately, like Edwards before him, Gov. Bobby Jindal is projecting massive higher education cuts as part of his response to a looming state government budget shortfall.

Jindal and his top advisers are quick to note that the state constitution and various laws force them to turn first to higher education and health care for budget cuts. Most other areas of state spending have some sort of nearly iron-clad protection from cuts.

But Jindal had a choice.

One didn’t need to be a Rhodes Scholar earlier this year to figure out the booming state surpluses that resulted from post-Katrina spending and high oil prices simply wouldn’t last. And when those revenue gushers played out, state government would be left with lots of needs but anemic resources.

Remember last years surpluses and tax cuts?  Those were Jindal-approved.

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