Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ever the cutting edge blog.

There's a new widget on Blagueur, courtesy of the Sunlight Foundation. If you roll over the little "sun" next to the names below, a popup appears with infomration about the record of the politicians named. In this case it's Bobby Jindal or Nancy Pelosi

And there have been a few changes to the typeface and color scheme. Hope this makes the site more readable. Let me know if you liked the old template better.

I'll keep this post at the top for a day or so, so it doesn't get buried.

UPDATE: Widget no longer working. I'm on the case. But don't expect much.

MORE UPDATING: It works on one of the posts down below, but not in this post. Very mysterious.

UPDATISSIMUS: Solved. Only took an hour and half a pint of blood. Plus the sacrifice of three hamsters.


dangerblond said...

I like it. I love the look of dark backgrounds with white letters.

L D Schilling said...

Its hard for me to read the white on dark but who am I to comment on the look . . .its great for a look, just not lookie-see luck for reading.


bayoustjohndavid said...

I like the look. Are you saying that installing the same widget would involve an investment in time, blood and hamsters?

Joseph said...

Only if you belong to the Pine Marten Cult. Which is always demanding hamsters for everything.