Sunday, July 30, 2006

NYT's latest on NO praises her spirit.

Despite a City’s Hopes, an Uneven Repopulation - New York Times:
"'No one pursued City Hall after a certain amount of time, so we decided to be creative,' said Nicole Dufour, a member of the Claiborne-University Neighborhood Association. 'We don’t know when we’ll have real signs, so people are banding together and taking things into their own hands.'

They are also planting trees in public spaces and cleaning their neighbors' yards.

'If you want people to populate the city and help make a new New Orleans, you’ve got to help yourself,' said Kenyatta Hills, who recently returned from Atlanta. 'If the place looks like Katrina just hit it, who’s going to want to come back home?'"

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Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Bird Flu is expected to arrive in the USA or Canada this fall.
It said it killed almost 60% of those who got infected.
Is it true ?
What can we do to avoid it ?