Friday, July 07, 2006

Va. senate candidate whacks GOP on New Orleans, then whacks insensitive opponent George Felix Allen Jr.

This is a great story -- DO NOT mess with Jim Webb.

"ALEXANDRIA, Va. Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner and Democratic U-S Senate candidate Jim Webb are lashing out at President Bush and the Republican-led Congress for the federal response to rebuilding New Orleans.
Warner and Webb criticized Bush and Republican Senator George Allen during a news conference in Alexandria yesterday. Warner -- a 2008 presidential prospect -- also pledged his campaign and financial support for Webb.

Warner just returned from a two-day trip to New Orleans to organize charitable education and health care relief efforts to the city still reeling from Hurricane Katrina. He says it is stunning that a remarkable amount of devastation still exists 10 months after the storm.

Webb said New Orleans is his wife's hometown and that he's amazed at the remaining devastation."

Daily Kos: VA-Sen: Senator Dude Ranch's campaign smacked down again:
"Allen campaign manager Dick Wadham (which really got him picked on a lot as a kid):

On Thursday, after Gov. Mark Warner and Webb remarked to reporters that the devastation in New Orleans was inexcusable ten months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city, Wadhams issued a statement mocking Webb for standing up for the city.

'We want to congratulate Hollywood movie producer James H. Webb Jr. for finally taking a stand on the issue. We now know that he is opposed to the devastation in New Orleans,' Wadhams said.

'Hollywood movie producer'? Awww shit! Oh no he didn't!

You know the Webb campaign don't take lip from anyone, and the smackdown was delivered by spokesperson/advisor Steve Jarding:

Jarding also took issue with Wadhams' attempt to attack Webb as a 'Hollywood movie producer' for Webb's role in the film 'Rules of Engagement.'

'What part of `Rules of Engagement' did George Felix Allen Jr. and his insensitive mouthpiece Dick Wadhams not respect - military service? Patriotism? Honor? Valor? We know that George Felix Allen Jr. spent much of the Vietnam War years on a dude ranch in Nevada and chose not to serve, but his continued silence as his key staff dismiss military personnel and their patriotism is beginning to shine a very unfavorable light on Senator Dude Ranch,' Jarding said.

And oh yeah, Allen is also wrong on Katrina. But we already knew that."

Jim, thanks for standing up for NO. And thanks for the smackdown. George FELIX Allen Jr.? Sheesh.

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