Wednesday, July 05, 2006

November July Comparison

My brother used to live in this house in Lakeview. He sold earlier this year. The damage doesn't look bad from the outside, but the inside is gutted. In the foreground you can see where the sheetrock was dumped before it was cleared away. (Click on the photos for enlargements.)

Below, the new owners, like a lot of owners in the neighborhood, seem optimistic. They've removed the roof and begun to add a second story.

In Gentilly, though, things seemed much worse. This picture, taken of the house that used to belong to Blagueurette's grandmother, shows that though the FEMA trailer has come, nothing much has changed. They haven't even closed the front window (on the right)that I used last November to get pictures of the interior. The torn awning is still attached. Most of Gentilly seemed to be in a similar condition. People trying to get their lives back and not making much progress.

Tomorrow: New Orleans responds with t-shirts.

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humidhaney said...

I have a few things to say about t-shirts. ha!