Friday, December 29, 2006

ICFI: Get ready for the PR Blitz

Stung by criticism from the legislature and a precipitous drop in their stock price, ICFI is readying a media campaign to try to burnish their image. Wonder where money for that is going to come from? Or why they don't just start to repair their reputation by doing their job more efficiently? Silly, you just don't know modern bureaucracy, Washington-style.

In a few cases, the recipients have been asked if they are willing to appear in advertising spots. The reaction has been mixed: Cindy McKean, 36, a Venetian Isles resident in New Orleans who feels "very thankful and very blessed" with her family's Road Home rebuilding grant, the amount of which she wouldn't disclose, said she and her husband, a firefighter, have turned aside the advertising idea.

Update: ICFI stock price now 13.96 off its 12/05 high of 17.87, a loss of nearly 22% of value.

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