Friday, December 29, 2006

ICFI: Know your subcontractors

In its announcement of the award of the contract for Road Home to ICFI, the following companies were mentioned as subcontractors. The functions and roles of these companies were not disclosed, but they apparently range from data management to nuts-and-bolts engineering. The companies which seem to be most involved in data and grants management (the apparent bottleneck in Road Home) are STR LLC, Deltha Corp., Microsoft, and First American Title Insurance Comapny. KPMG and The Shaw Group might be involved in either data or engineering. Quadel is a consulting firm which provides expertise and training in affordable housing. Providence is strictly an engineering firm. None of the firms' websites provide any information about their association with Road Home or ICFI.

If lawmakers want to know what is holding up the grants in the Road Home program they might want to consult with some of the following persons. A good reporter might simple ring some of these people up, and ask what they are doing on the contract.

Deltha Corporation. Earl E. Washington, New Orleans, Owner.

First American Title Insurance Company. John N. Casbon, New Orleans, Pres. and CEO.

Jones Walker Law Offices. New Orleans.

KPMG. Jack Taylor, New Orleans, Regional Director for the Americas.


Quadel Consulting. Kathleen Rotondaro, Washington DC, Founder and President.

Providence Engineering and Environmental.
Rich Major, Baton Rouge, Senior Managing Partner.

The Shaw Group. Jim Bernhard, Baton Rouge, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer.

STR LLC. (Grants Management) Scott Meyer, Fairfax, Va., President.

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