Monday, December 18, 2006

Most arrogant insensitive hang-em-from-the-lamp-posts-provoking comment of the year.

"Unfortunately, $239 million in unnecessary tax credits for insurance surcharge reimbursements were passed." --- Jim Brandt, President of PAR

He's talking about the rebate coming to individual homeowners who got stuck by the state with the extra bill for hurricane protection through an insurance surcharge. There was a time when PAR was a respected, honest and progressive organization. Apparently today they are just shills for big business. Apparently, Brandt thinks that it was a good session that defeated pay raises for teachers and tax cuts for business. Let PAR and Brandt explain their attitudes to small businessmen, teachers, police and firemen whose raises and tax cuts were defeated by PAR and its allies (i.e. Republicans) in the Louisiana legislature. Voters will remember who worked in their interest come next November.

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