Friday, December 15, 2006

Lege questions ICF competence to handle Road Home | AP News
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- Lawmakers are looking for legal ways to oust the contractor hired by Gov. Kathleen Blanco's administration to hand out recovery grants in Louisiana's "Road Home" program.

On Friday, both the House and Senate sent the governor's office similar, unanimous resolutions, directing her staff to fire ICF International Inc. - though lawmakers acknowledged they don't have the authority to order that. However, they said the resolution shows how dissatisfied they are with ICF's slow doling out of grants.

I have some posts archived somewhere that questioned whether they could do the job. I'll see if I can post links later.

Update: This article discusses their contract, and a comment cites former DHS official Michael Byrne as a key figure in gaining the contract.

This article from June 25 indicates a few facts about ICF and has some interesting links to articles about their less than spectacular performance in other projects. A comment by someone claiming to be a former employee predicts that the company will not be able to handle the contract. His/her comment: "So look for this contract to flail and fail."

This article is about the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie, which ICF was contracted to handle.

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bayoustjohndavid said...

I knew that there had to be a reason why we didn't hear the national GOP and FOX news talking about that $700M, I even speculated somewhere -- I think a comment on another blog -- that some D.C. Republicans had to be involved. Also, I still can't defend Blanco on this one, but that $400-$900M range on the bids gives a little perspective on the $700M. But, it will take a lot more for me to defend Blanco.