Friday, December 15, 2006

Monroe Chamber "deeply regrets" insult to Blanco.

"It's something we deeply regret," chamber president Sue Edmunds said Wednesday. "Our organization has worked very well with the governor. We have been pleased with her efforts on behalf of this community."

Dinner with Blanco was the last item up for bid at the fundraising auction last week. Edmunds said the bidding opened at $1,000 and dropped to $500 before the auctioneer accepted a $1 bid from bank executive Malcolm Maddox, a regional chairman for Capital One.

Others were trying to bid on the dinner when the bidding abruptly closed, according to Edmunds.

This indicates just how eager some right-wingers are to install one of their own in the Governor's Mansion.

BTW it's big national news, and another embarrassment for Louisiana.

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