Thursday, July 12, 2007

Did Vitter try to intimidate the D.C. madam?


From WAFB, Baton Rouge.
Deborah Palfrey, the Washington madam who is facing federal charges for racketeering, maintains her escort service is legitimate. She also told CNN Radio that she got a not-so-very inviting phone call from the Vitter camp once she published her phone list on Friday. Palfrey says, "I had a feeling it was coming. I was forewarned, but wasn't told who it was going to be. I was just told to expect a phone call. I got it a few hours ago and boy did I get it. I had no idea who this man was prior to a few hours ago, even though I'm sure he obviously was a client and he's stated accordingly, but I don't remember this man. I think he used the service in 2001."

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