Monday, July 16, 2007

Vitter's "Press Conference"

More of a photo-op. Summary:
He says: No questions now or ever. I'm going back to Washington to try to screw over some immigrants. Bye.
She says: Leave us alone. Quit camping out at our church. Bye.
Looking at the video with the sound off was revealing. Both looked like kids in the principal's office in detention. Both gave a funny chin-grimace. She did not look very affectionate with him, to say the least, and she looked like she would like to jump down and rip out the throats (or cut off the naughty bits?) of everyone in the room. Both were carefully scripted, and the hand-holding at the end was both phony and touching.

Oh, yeah. And he sucked all the air out of Jindal's announcement for governor.

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