Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vitter's N.O. Madame on Republican submissives.

This is from Corrente,
who got it from Sullivan
who got it from Court TV.

A terrific article that every Louisiana voter should read.

Per Corrente:
Via Andrew Sullivan, Jeanette Maier, whose small business Senator David Vitter (R-Canal Street Brothel) patronized, tells her story:

Some of the fantasies at the Canal Street Brothel got a little rough. For those who liked that kind of stuff, there were whips, chains and a lot of leather. Jeanette says that most of the clients who wanted to be dominated were Republicans. She cracks a smile, then adds, “They wanted to be spanked and tortured and wear stockings—Republicans have impeccable taste in silk stockings—and these are the people who run our country.”

So many questions--
Did Vitter like to wear silk stockings and be submissive?
Which "former mayor of Baton Rouge" and former football star was her 3 year lover?
Who was the son of which head of the Louisiana Republican Party?
Who is that mysterious former governor who used to party with the girls? Could it be?
And who knew fishing rodeos were so much fun?

Please, Ms. Maier, write that book.

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