Tuesday, July 17, 2007

James Wolcott's Blog: A Pat on the Back to Your Right Hand Thief

James Wolcott's Blog: Tucker Gets His Tassels in a Twist

Wollcott, one of the wittiest bloggers on the net, gives us his take on Tucker's take on Vitter. In passing he gives well-deserved props to Your Right Hand Thief, who has pointed out that Vitter's statement is almost begging the press to keep up their scrutiny.

Wollcott: "When MSNBC cut back to the studio, Tucker was in full Mode 1 dual-rotary rev-up, yammering that he didn't approve of consorting with hookers but these things happen what's the big deal does this excuse the press camping out in front of Vitter's house like he's some criminal so what if he's a hypocrite everybody in Washington's a hypocrite hell Teddy Kennedy killed a woman so why pick on Vitter just because he's a values conservative yammer yammer windmilling hands smirk smirk."

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