Wednesday, October 19, 2005

As LA. spends good money trying to repair Benson's venue, Benson stabs LA in the back.

Some of us are getting pretty tired of Tom Benson, owner of the Saints, and his continuing attempts to blackmail Louisiana and the City of New Orlenas with threats to move his team.
Despite NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue´s unfavorable comments about a move to San Antonio earlier this season, football fans in southern Texas have not refrained from obnoxiously waving "San Antonio Saints" signs at the first two games in the Alamodome.
Why don´t they just do the "Benson Boogie" on New Orleans´ grave while they are at it?
Benson, a former car salesman, pulled off the biggest lemon push in his old industry´s history when he goaded his political ally Governor Mike Foster into inking a deal that would shovel millions of dollars in tax dollars to appease Benson´s avarice.
With Hurricane Katrina destroying most of southern Louisiana, Benson´s siphoning of the state treasury will likely come to a close. Even a strong governor like Foster would have a tough time selling to the legislature subsidizing an extremely profitable business with so many other pressing needs.
So says BayouBuzz
Blageur and all the Blaguettes would like nothing more than a new owner(and perhaps a new coach) for our home team. Here's what Jim Mashek of the Sun Herald has to say
Tom Benson reached a new low Monday.

And that's saying something.

The New Orleans Saints' bumbling, fumbling owner canned Arnie Fielkow, one of the classiest executives ever to work for the star-crossed NFL franchise, because Fielkow wanted to do right by New Orleans and the Gulf South in the aftermath of deadly Hurricane Katrina.

Benson had already sent out some storm warnings in Monday's editions of the San Antonio Express-News, when he used San Antonio mayor Phil Hardberger as his mouthpiece.

That was bad enough.

Then he had the nerve to summon Fielkow, his executive vice president for administration for the past 5 1/2 years, and lay down an ultimatum.

Fielkow was given five minutes to submit his resignation, and when he refused, he was fired.

Benson always had the finesse of Mussolini, but this was ridiculous.
Mashek's article got national play, and all of us Blaguettes hope that Benson takes note that the whole country is watching his antics. (Not that he ever cared about embarrassing himself before.) The final indignity is that with all the trouble on New Orleans' plate, they find themselves forced to get started fixing up the Superdome hurriedly so that Benson won't use the damage to the Superdome as an excuse to move.
The state is moving swiftly to repair the storm-battered and vandalized Superdome even as the Saints flirt with the idea of relocating to San Antonio.
Officials are meeting today to select an architectural firm to design 125 (m) million dollars in repairs to the New Orleans landmark.
That's $125,000,000 for Mr. Benson's pleasure. For more reaction from the fans, check out
Some recent bits and pieces of Saints news:

UPDATE: Some of the fans as are going to buy "save the Saints" radio ads. They are going have an airplane fly a banner around Tiger Stadium for the Miami game saying "Tagliabue--Save our NEW ORLEANS saints."

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